About Luxury Phuket

Luxury Phuket Agency is a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering high-class real estate services. With 9 years of expertise in the Phuket real estate market, we take pride in our track record — ensuring that 100% of our clients receive their documents and keys on time.
Why trust us?
We provide accurate and verified information, leaving no room for hidden nuances. Our commitment to transparency extends not only to crucial aspects but also to meticulous attention to small details.

Leveraging our experience, we continually enhance our competence in all matters related to the real estate market. Staying updated with evolving knowledge and monitoring legislative changes are integral parts of our commitment to professionalism.
We approach transactions with integrity, avoiding manipulation and misinformation. Our dealings are conducted in good faith, and we extend respect to all market participants, including our competitors.

Clients consistently recommend Luxury Phuket to one another, passing on our services, thanks to our impeccable reputation. In our work, we adhere to the following principles:

Our Advantages
Exclusive Focus on Reliable Projects
Guaranteed Profitability of Your Properties
With expertise in assessing developer credibility and ensuring legal transaction security, our proprietary document verification system, developed in collaboration with Thai legal experts, effectively mitigates risks.
We have built a strong reputation in the Phuket real estate market. Our longstanding connections and positive history of relationships with local developers enable us to swiftly identify and present our clients with optimal pre-sales options.

Entrust us with the management of your real estate for assured profitability. We maintain a consistent occupancy rate at the maximum price through our established base of regular guests, a refined system for attracting new clients, and adept price management.

Recognition in the Phuket Real Estate Market
The Team
  • Valeria Ryndina
    Partner, Executive director
    Co-founder and Certified Financial Consultant,
    a qualified investor with expertise in real estate investing since 2009.
  • Dmitry Frolov
    Partner, Marketing Director
    Co-founder and Marketing Director with 15 years of experience from Moscow-based companies and a decade in the Phuket real estate market.
  • Yana Varaksina
    Partner, HR Director
    Co-founder and HR Director bringing extensive experience from large international corporations, with over a decade in the Phuket real estate industry.
  • Andrey Dramma
    Chief Operating Officer
    Responsible for company development and business process optimization.
  • Rick Katz
    Senior Sales Manager of the English-speaking department bringing over a decade of experience in real estate sales.
  • Maria Garcia
    Experienced Manager with a decade of expertise, certified by the Thai Real Estate Brokers Association since 2014. Fluent in English and Thai.
  • Igor Firsanov
    Senior Manager for Russian-speaking clients bringing 15 years of sales experience in Moscow, with a focus on real estate for the past 9 years.
  • Anna Voropaeva
    videomarketing specialist
    Professional theater and film actress responsible for producing high-quality video content about properties.
  • Ann Khiamkhao
    Office manager. Welcomes guests and ensures a comfortable working atmosphere.
Our Office
The Luxury Phuket Company occupies a three-story building in the south of the island, adjacent to the renowned Rawai Beach. The location aligns conveniently with a popular tourist route leading to Phuket's most beautiful spots.

Stop by on your way to the beach to discuss any details of interest. Adjacent to our premises are two coffee shops offering European cuisine and pastries.

29/82 Wiset Road, Rawai, Phuket, 83130

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